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166 weeks ago

Welcome to Redacted \o/

This website was created to help us to manage the raid group, and I'll list all the resources available below.

Forums - Lists any raid information, guides/strategies. Should be checked out from time to time, especially when we're about to jump into something new.

Schedule - Shows our raid times/dates in your own time zone. The agenda module at the bottom left of the front page also shows if raid will be in the next 24 hours. :)

Raid Tracker - keeps track of every clear, and what loot we get so we can cry when RNGesus doesn't deliver our stuff. :D

Albums - Compendium of shenanigan screenshots and parse pictures. \o/

Parses - Here is the info for all of the parses done and uploaded to fflogs:

If you want to see your own individual clear parses and how it measures up relative to global parses (median percentile for each raid) then go to and enter your name up the top. \o/

Discussion for parses/raid dps is here.

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